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  • Pterygium Overview
  • Pterygium Key Pre-Operative Points
  • Surgical Supplies for Pterygium Surgery
  • Surgical Technique for Primary Pterygium
  • Surgical Technique for Recurrent Pterygium
  • Surgical Technique for Multi-Recurrent Pterygium
  • Pterygium Post-Operative Care
  • Pterygium Literature Summary
  • Pterygium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sealing the Gap

After pterygium excision, we have observed that a gap invariably remains between the conjunctiva and Tenon's capsule, allowing reinvasion (herniation) by the residual fibrovascular tissue and giving rise to recurrence.

Sealing the Gap in Pterygium Surgery
Gap Closure in Recurrent Pterygium Surgery



Sealing the Gap Videos

  • Sealing the Gap in Recurrent Pterygium Video

  • Sealing the Gap in Primary Pterygium Video
Pinguecula Videos

  • Pinguecula Surgery Video

  • Pinguecula Post-Op Results Video
Primary Pterygium Videos

  • Primary Pterygium Minimal Dissection Technique Video

  • Primary Pterygium Extensive Dissection Technique Video

  • Gluing Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane after pterygium excision Video

  • Suturing Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane after pterygium excision Video

  • Dr. Senft's video on primary pterygium

  • Dr. Niemeyer's video on primary pterygium
Recurrent Pterygium Videos

  • Fornix Reconstruction for Recurrent Pterygium Video

  • Recurrent double-headed pterygium case Video

  • Dr. Senft's video on recurrent pterygium
Multi-Recurrent Pterygium Videos

  • Correction of motility restriction for multi-recurrent pterygium Video

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